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Friday, September 29, 2006

Mockney Goes Forth

Is Jamie Oliver still a telly chef? Or is he an angel sent from Sainsburys to patronise us all? I'm really not sure I'm comfortable with a man who thinks it's appropriate to fill an entire recipe book chapter on sandwiches to be held up as the demi-god of the canteen dinner.

I watched a show with him "crusading" last night, in which the Prime Minister (the leader of this country) sat there and meekly and resignedly asked Mockney (a 20-something sous chef who got lucky) "look, what is it that you want?" in reference to school dinner policy. So Jamie Oliver now gets to tell the PM how to set national schools budgets, purely because he got the middle classes all inflated about turkey twizzlers, and put the backs up of everyone else by calling them c**ts for not being able to afford organic fennel with which to feed their kids? That's comforting.

I'd be the first to agree that it's a depressing world in which an 11 year old doesn't recognise an onion, and I did warm to Oliver initially for actually having a valuable cause on which to peg his highly lucrative TV show and book tie-ins for a change, but since when does being a multi-millionaire who calls parents "a**eholes" for buying cheap processed food actually make him the chosen leader of the dietarily righteous?
I'd like to see Gillian 'Poo' McKeith liquidised and fed to Mockney Oliver through a straw until he explodes.

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