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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Apparently explanation is necessary

although I can't possibly see why.

Dave is the one man acting masterclass that is David Caruso. He has the best freeze-dried approach to acting of anyone I've ever seen. He's not so much method, as....well....corpse-like. He delivers his lines in a ginger monotone that soothes as much as it reassures, and there is a set pattern to his on-screen behaviour that is as predictable as the Incredible Hulk's when someone steals his chips.
He ends each episode - after having solved a complex crime far beyond the capabilities of normal men - stood with his head to one side like he's appraising a Penthouse centrefold, at which point he removes his sunnies, delivers his killer line (normally, "I'll look after you little girl", "I'll take care of it", or "he's never going to harm you again") and puts them back on again before walking away, in a John Wayne fashion, into the Florida sunset. Glorious.

The lovely ginger bundle of repression.

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