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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Every Little'un Helps

Bangladeshi textile manufacturers have pledged to investigate child labour allegations after Channel 4 showed children making clothes for supermarket giant Tesco.
Channel 4 had secretly filmed children as young as 12 it said were working at four factories that supply the British supermarket giant.

Strenous denials all round, spot checks carried out by Tesco finding C4's accusations 'baseless', no suggestion the supermarket giant was aware of wrongdoing, blah blah...

The footage IS from Tesco's factories, but apparently the footage was "old". The company insists it has a conscience, see, albeit an apparently recently acquired one. Tis a bit strange that, in a four month-long investigation, the highly dubious and disreputable outfit that is Channel Four News wouldn't have already checked for themselves when the footage was actually filmed....


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