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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Flinty logic

Fast becoming one of my favourite people, it's public health minister Caroline Flint again. (She of the academic approach to medical research mentioned earlier).

Flint has been sharing her characteristically treacle-brained thoughts on the fact that England has the worst obesity rating in Europe (no great surprise, although I'll be willing to bet that the Belgians and their mayonnaise on chips insanity are breathing - or wheezing - down our necks):

Many people don't consider themselves overweight, according to fitness minister Caroline Flint, who says it's one reason why nearly a quarter of adults in the UK are obese.

No, see, that's not correct, Caroline, is it? Sit down and have a little think about it. The REASON why people are obese is because they eat too many pies and don't exercise.

Not knowing that you're overweight is what we like to call denial.

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