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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Go on love, I dare ya...

Heather Mills is sueing, apparently.

“Legal proceedings will be taken against the Evening Standard and Daily Mail, her lawyers said. Solicitors Mishcon de Reya added that legal action will also be taken against The Sun.”

Really? Cast your minds back.

June 2006:

“Heather Mills McCartney, estranged wife of Beatles star Sir Paul, is to take legal action over newspaper claims that she worked as a prostitute in her 20s. Lawyers for the 38-year-old ex-model said the News of the World's claims were "untrue and highly defamatory".

What happened there, then? Perhaps she forgot. Distracted, as we all were, by pictures of her on porno shoots during her shagging for money days (her pre-McCartney-shagging for money days, to correctly differentiate, obviously).

She can’t be blamed, of course: litigious amnesia is a tragically all-too-familiar ailment in the celebrity classes. Take our very own Victoria “people used to think I was black” Beckham, who seems to be equally of the delusion that threatening to sue someone is the very same thing as actually taking them to court. She’s threatened to sue many times more than she’s ever threatened to eat, let’s face it.

By the time Vicki's puffed enough hot air into the tabloids - the iron lung that ensures her very survival – to have the gormless public believe her outraged denials that her husband is an indiscreet Neanderthal-like philanderer, it no longer matters if the actual “lawsuit” bit fades discreetly into nothing….

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