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Friday, October 13, 2006


Brad Pitt is to star in the film version of hit BBC drama State of Play, writer Paul Abbott has said. Pitt will play journalist Cal McCaffrey, portrayed by John Simm in the TV version of the political thriller, Abbott told BBC Five Live.

No no no, all wrong. Brad Pitt is an attractive man, in an unimaginative and tired all-American blonde kind of way (although the armour and skirt getup in that woeful homoerotic comedy Troy did him no favours) but an actor he isn't. Let's face it, this is a man whose most notable role to date has been as "the bare arse" in Thelma & Louise. It's not method acting, that, is it...

For this we turn down the chance of seeing Mr Simm on the big screen? Saleability be damned, if you look at the pictures Pitt has made in the last couple of years, he's hardly much more bankable...
Given that they're stopping Life on Mars this year, I'm up for selling John Simm to Hollywood.

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