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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I don't want to be a goblin

This is all rather marvellous. All the more reason to choose my partners carefully - I'd quite like my long-distant descendants to be seven foot tall and coffee-coloured. Producing an entire sub-human breed of Anthony Worrall Thompsons, on the other hand, would be most disappointing:

Social division might split humans into two sub-species 100,000 years from now, an evolution expert has claimed. The descendants of the genetic upper class would be tall, slim, healthy, attractive, intelligent, and creative. They would be a far cry from the "underclass" humans, who will have evolved into dim-witted, ugly, squat goblin-like creatures.
The forecast was made by Dr Oliver Curry, who spent two months investigating the ascent and descent of man over the next 100 millennia.
He said, within a thousand years, humans will evolve into coffee-coloured giants between 6 and 7ft tall.
But Dr Curry said centuries of sexual selection - being choosy about one's partner - was likely to create more and more genetic inequality.
The logical outcome would be two sub-species. Dr Curry said: "Things could get ugly."

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