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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I'm really sorry I didn't do it...

Well, would you believe it? One of the greedy bastards from the Enron scandal is finally – despite the fact that corporate corruption doesn’t usually merit so much as wobble on the Bush administration’s moral compass – being sent to jail.

He’s not getting a light wrist-slapping and a couple of weeks self-catering at Ford Open, either, apparently: they’ve given him 24 years. Not much consolation to people who lost their entire savings and will no doubt spend their pensionable years foraging for discarded foodstuffs in skips, but cheering nonetheless.

Funniest part of course is Jeffrey Skilling’s (for tis he) continuing denial of wrongdoing. It’s funny because he’s got to try and somehow express the required level of remorse while simultaneously protesting his innocence for the purposes of appeal:

"In terms of remorse your honour, I can't imagine more remorse," Skilling told the court before he was sentenced.
"That being said your honour, I am innocent of these charges."

For students of language, it’s just lovely…

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