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Monday, October 02, 2006

It really isn't because she is black

Now, honestly. Really.
My best buddy pal chum, to use my favourite tabloid terminology, has drawn my attention to this - possibly the greatest magazine coverline in the history of time (except, perhaps, "Courtney Love: Is she the Devil?", courtesy of NOTW circa. 2004, I believe). Victoria Beckham thinks that, apparently, "People used to think I was black".
"People used to think I was flatchested" I can handle. "People used to think I had flesh", certainly. But as my dear friend so rightly says of Vicky's off-the-sanity-scale remark, "HOW? Did she live with blind people?".

I really thought we'd scraped the underside of the mouldy "I'd do anything for publicity" barrel a few years ago, when Skeletor's former buddy pal chum Geri Haliwell cheerily confessed to eating limescale off George Michael's tropical fish tank (or something similar), but this one has me stumped.

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