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Thursday, October 19, 2006

It's a mixed bag, alright

Much though it pains me to add my voice to the reams of ill-informed nonsense already written about that modestly-talented crackbucket Mr Peter Doherty, I noticed this and my heart sank. Genuinely for him as much as anything else:

Babyshambles singer Pete Doherty's lawyer has described the star's battle to come off drugs as a "mixed bag"...Mr Clark told the court: "He's giving up a lifestyle he's been living in the East End, which is not the best place for him to be.
"There are alternatives for him though. He is now living at an address out of London," he added.

There are many who believe - and I suspect I may be one of them - that one never really recovers from a serious crack and heroin addiction. Or a serious bout of either, come to think of it. To reference (worryingly enough) AA for the second time in a day, alcoholics will always be alcoholics, the variant is whether or not you're active or in recovery. Same goes for drug addiction - therefore any discussion of 'recovery' is ludicrously misleading.
What's sad about this nonsense is not so much that your man Doherty is a probably reasonably decent bloke trying to recover in the glare of the public eye (let's face it, that's pretty much his own fault) but that he's making the textbook schoolboy error of believing that his problems are geographical. Seen that "I'll be alright if I leave here" nonsense before, and seen it fail. He thinks the reason he's still crack-addled is because he lives in a grubby part of town with a dealer down the road? Wrong.

It's a cliche for a reason: wherever you go you take yourself (and your addictions) with you. Believe you me: he could move to a remote corner of the Scottish Highlands and get heroin if he wanted it. Actually, scrap that, if it's Scotland we're talking about, it's as easy to find as heart disease.

Anyway, this is all entirely irrelevant: wherever Doherty goes, if he's planning on taking his codependent scrag end of a girlfriend with him, he's f**ked.

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