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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Oh, the joy

and again,

Ronnie Corbett has laughed off rumours of drug abuse after convincingly simulating cocaine use on Ricky Gervais' comedy series Extras last week.
The episode saw Corbett, 75, and Gervais in a BAFTA spoof, where the veteran funnyman was seen snorting the drug using a £20 note in a toilet cubicle.
However, the diminutive star was criticised over his realistic performance - and he was quick to reassure fans no substance abuse took place on set.
Referring to his partnership with the late Ronnie Barker in their Two Ronnies double act, Corbett says, "I would just like to assure people that we never resorted to drugs - or drink for that matter.
"My wife did say she thought going on Extras would be the wrong thing to do. But I love the programme and it was good fun."

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