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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sky & The Sun

A couple of VERY sinister looking people (the woman has the eyeballs of a dead fish, while the man appears to have been plastinated) who were contestants on Big Brother are, apparently, getting married. Congratulations, scary people.

Despite the 'engagement' having taken place a mere four days ago, The Sun reports the following - displaying the kind of disregard for the basic intelligence of its readership for which the ginger witch Rebekah "Burn Paediatricians" Wade was well known at the NOTW:

A spokeswoman said last night: “It’s true, Mikey and Grace are getting married.
“I can’t believe you found out — they wanted to keep it quiet. They’re both over the moon.”

News of the engagement came as it was revealed Grace, 21, will compete in Sky One reality show Cirque du Celebrite, starting this Sunday.

Give me f**king strength.

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