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Friday, October 13, 2006

Special Needs

In an age when even the least academic people can get enough A grade A Levels to apply to NASA's fast track programme (or something), Oxford and Cambridge Universities have, rather splendidly, decided to do away with logic altogether, and just adopt their own peculiar brand of Gonzo Interviewing to get the right kind of students through their doors.

Applicants for places at Oxford and Cambridge universities are being asked increasingly "eccentric" questions, interview experts have claimed.
Students have addressed issues such as how much of the world's water is contained in a cow, and the perennial teenage concern: "Are you cool?"

Other quandaries posed during Oxbridge interviews included:
At what point is a person "dead"?
Put a monetary value on this teapot.
Of all 19th-century politicians, who was most like Tony Blair?
How does a perm work?

I for one am looking forward to the days when this newfangled batch of students finds its way (as Oxbridge kids have always done) into the country's financial powerhouses and corridors of power. Should fast track the revolution by a good 50 years. And if it doesn't, it'll be fun to have a country run by people suffering from an even greater degree of educationally-induced insanity than the current bunch.

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