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Friday, October 20, 2006

Thinking ahead

According to press reports, as part of the government's proposals for helping out children in care (or as it irritatingly insist on calling them, "looked-after children"), “young people in care could face regular screening for drug abuse to help them to avoid falling into addiction”.
Eh? How does that work, then? Presumably the thinking behind this is that kids in care are more likely, due to their being more likely to have crappy lives than kids with secure home lives, to develop drug problems.
Good to know that this is where a “caring” culture takes us. If policies like this are developed on the grounds of how likely a person is to do something, am I to expect, then, that London kids will be screened for drug and alcohol abuse ahead of those from Cornwall? Statistically, they’re more likely to take drugs, aren’t they?
What about Scottish kids? Everyone knows they’re more likely to jack up. I’ve seen Trainspotting, damn you.

Yes! Let's hammer home our suspicions of young people before they've actually done anything! A quarter of the prison population of this country apparently started out in care, so I think what's needed to stop them ending up there - rather than positive encouragement and emotional support - is the insulting, defensive and condascending presumption that they're all wrong un's.
What a fine idea. As if there isn’t enough stigma attached to the care system already, and as if they aren’t socially maligned enough - now children going through care will have to live with the authorities’ assumption that they’re all crackheads and deviants in waiting. Excellent work.

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