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Friday, October 06, 2006

We love Charlie,,1888750,00.html

Ahhh, Charlie Brooker, you lovely, lovely bile-filled vitriolic little muffin you....

Look, you hopeless waddling gluttons: look how revolting it is when we take all the cream cakes and sausages you ate in a week and stack them on top of each other! Watch how the tomato sauce from Thursday's spaghetti hoops congeals with Monday's chocolate milkshake. Weep! Weep, you fat fools!

What's really lovely about all these dietary/lifestyle Nazis ganging up on us (and yes, I do mean Ian Wright as well, much as it pains me) is that it's people like Charlie and Boris who are leading the backlash.

Ian and Mockney and even G Poo McKeith might have the blood pressure and colonic cleanliness of 8 year olds, but at least the opposing team is funny.

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