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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

And in further "unexpected" news...

"Tessa Jowell, the Secretary for Culture, Media and Sport, refused to confirm to MPs that London council tax-payers would have to pick up some of the bill.

Londoners are already being forced to stump up £625 million towards the Olympic venue costs, with an additional £1.75 billion coming from the National Lottery.

Ms Jowell said there under the terms of a memorandum of understanding signed with Mr Livingstone extra cash could be sought from both the taxpayer and the National Lottery, but she refused to give a definitive answer when asked whether council taxes would rise..."

Righto then, I feel thoroughly reassured.

Like most Londoners, I didn't want the sodding Olympics here in the first place, for obvious reasons (if you want to know what happens to these ludicrously overpriced Olympic "regenerated" areas once the steroid abusers have gone home, just ask the residents of Athens, Barcelona, or indeed, the taxpayers of Sydney):

S'alright, it's only the east end, and everyone knows the east end is a shithole anyway, yes? We didn't actually WANT those green spaces they're planning on bulldozing and covering in concrete, did we? After all, we only ever used them for playing SPORT on, didn't we? Didn't we??

Londoners, don't be fooled. We are now being told by Tessa Jowell - a woman so financially-savvy that she has claimed to be entirely unaware of her own husband's money-laundering and tax fraud activities - that we're going to be personally liable for an even bigger bill for this nonsense than we'd originally suspected.

Well, screw the Olympic torch, get me a petrol bomb and I'll show you what I think of that.

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