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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Buckle Up

Seriously though, just how many investigations do they have to hold into the deaths of three people nigh on a decade ago to work out that, actually, they’re all still dead?

‘Mohammed Al Fayed has mounted a legal challenge over plans to make key decisions about the inquest of Princess Diana and his son Dodi in private. He says the initial inquest hearings into the death of the pair in a car crash in 1997 will be held behind closed doors in January.’

Back in September 2005, the cost of what has become an inexplicable series of ‘investigations’ was already put at over £2.5m. Well, you know, I never liked the woman, but I think at this point even she’d prefer to see that kind of money invested in anti-mine or children’s charities, which she apparently supported so enthusiastically in her ample spare time.

Still, if we’re in the mood for calling for public enquiries…

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