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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

From Russia

I adore this story (much more than I would if I was potentially dying from being poisoned, obviously, but don’t call me callous)…

A former Russian security agent, midway through investigating the allegedly state-sponsored killing of a government-critical journalist, has a RADIOACTIVE poison slipped into his coffee? I don’t even like Bond movies and find that pant-wettingly exciting:

Former Russian security agent Alexander Litvinenko remains seriously ill in intensive care as Britain's counter terrorism police continue to hunt for the men behind his suspected poisoning.
The 41-year-old is receiving treatment under police guard at University College Hospital in London, three weeks to the day after he was allegedly given the deadly toxin thallium while in the capital.
In a statement on Tuesday, the hospital said: "Mr Litvinenko's condition remains unchanged from yesterday. "He remains in a serious condition in intensive care."
Pictures of Mr Litvinenko in his hospital bed have revealed the extent of his illness. He has lost almost all his hair and is clearly emaciated and weak.

What’s particularly darkly amusing is the Kremlin’s line on the whole matter – it’s “nonsense”, they say. As if radioactive thallium accidentally gets slipped into people’s beverages every day…

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