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Friday, November 10, 2006

Hissy fits

Why on earth don’t people just admit it when they’ve had a tantrum?

“Actress” Denise Richards – famous, as far as I can tell, only for nicking ‘pop-her-in-your-pocket’ Heather Locklear’s husband – has had a barney with a couple of paparazzi photographers in Canada. She ended up lobbing a computer off a balcony, which hit a couple of women standing below. (They’re not the victims here, obviously, Denise is)…

“While trying to stop the paparazzi, Denise Richards was involved in an altercation. To protect her safety she instinctively knocked the paparazzo's laptops off a ledge. Royal Canadian Mounted Police were called to the scene as a precaution and the case was soon closed. No charges were filed against Ms Richards.”

What the hell were the MOUNTIES doing wasting their time over a bit of kit being “instinctively knocked” off a balcony in an act of self-protection?
Do me a favour.
Is that like when Naomi Campbell “instinctively” punches her personal assistants in the face for accidentally double-booking her AA and NA meetings?

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