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Monday, November 06, 2006

Joined up government

Hmmm. Something makes me wonder whether these two ought to have had a wee chat about this before they opened their mouths:

Prime Minister Tony Blair has said he is "against the death penalty, whether it is Saddam Hussein or anybody else". (Yep, right, gotcha...)

But he told his monthly news conference it was an issue for Iraq, where there were "other and bigger issues" to face. Mr Blair said Saddam's trial had given a "clear reminder of the barbaric regime" he had overseen. (Nope, hang on, you're losing me...)

Earlier, UK Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett played down claims that Iraq's former president could become a martyr for most people in the country. Only those "who had no quarrel with the regime all the way through" would think of the former president in this way, she told the BBC. (, definitely not sure what you're getting at now...)

But the UK government did not approve of the death penalty, she added. (Eh? Can we start again at the beginning...?)

During repeated, and occasionally heated exchanges at his monthly news conference, Mr Blair said he would not elaborate on this position. (Ah. Righto. Shaking heads and bemused expressions all round, then. How thoroughly uncharacteristic.)

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