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Thursday, November 09, 2006


This: neway

What IS that? I see it everywhere on tinterweb, and I have come to the conclusion that it means 'anyway'. I've even seen (shudder) "neways...". Once I even spied "Neways dude hope u aight", but I came to the conclusion that the chap in question was midway through having a stroke, and I don't believe in mocking the injured or otherwise afflicted.


In all seriousness, English is a great language. It's brilliantly expressive and often very amusing. Why butcher it purely because you're a lazy typist?
I'm all for the language evolving and adapting to social change - English as a language has had more foreign influences absorbed within it than any of the world's major languages, after all, and mostly to its benefit. But adapting something is different to diminishing it. 'Neways' does not in any way add anything, improve clarity or alter meaning in a valuable way. Nor does 'nite', u instead of you, b instead of be, or any of the other tedious little text message witticisms.

If you're going to adapt the English language, do so in a way that adds value, rather than in a way that takes it backwards. Otherwise, please, for all our sakes, LEARN TO BLOODY SPELL.

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Andre said...

And what's more, yes .. use the ENGLISH language properly. This is one of those twatty Americanisms that has crept across the pond - English people don't say 'anyways'!!

Next they'll be importing other Americanisms like slaughtering each other, before saying a quick prayer and swiftly moving on!

Which is nice.