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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Sporting Lie

"We've cut out all the people who have got a track record in the past of screwing these things up”

So says Ken Livingstone (who is himself still on the Olympic committee), speaking about the London Olympic Games on The Today Programme.


P.S. “Unforeseen” Olympic expenses apparently (and poetically) include a previously unbudgeted £400m fee to hire a private firm to bring the Olympic Games in on time and within budget,


An increase in the cost of transport.
Yes, that’s right: Ken Livingstone, the man who has overseen a teeth-grindingly obscene 200% hike in London Underground prices since last taking the job as “mayor” of London. The man who has single-handedly given London the most expensive city transport system in Europe (with tickets now costing well over double those in the second priciest city). That man apparently did not take into account an increase in transport costs when he first wrote down the Olympic budget.

On the back of an envelope.

In Crayon.

The lowest estimate of what this Olympic farce is going to cost you, my London friends, is £20 a year, for 25 years. The lowest estimate.

Are you really going to vote for this man of the people next time around? ARE YOU?

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