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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Wedding Belles

You really do have to love divorcing-again Pammie Anderson.

And there was me thinking that Britney Spears won the prize for California’s most blasé attitude towards the institution of marriage. I’m not counting her 52 hour Vegas one (bright lights of a casino, a bathtub full of tequila, could’ve happened to anyone), but the most recent dumping of her husband a positively flippant two months after giving birth.

The news that Pamela has ditched her husband after four months comes as no real surprise; the fact that she got married, bless her, in a white thong bikini and cowboy boots suggested that she wasn’t taking it enormously seriously. (Oh, and then there was the problem of her husband looking like an oversized rodent with bad skin.)
What’s brilliantly mental about it, however, is the fact that they managed to actually have three wedding ceremonies. THREE. In four months.

‘The couple married in July on a yacht in France, and then went on to have two more weddings to mark their marriage. One was held at a courthouse in Beverly Hills, California and the third ceremony took place in Nashville, Tennessee. At the time, the former Baywatch star described the couple as "super happy newlyweds".’

They do say that newly-married brides sometimes struggle to adjust to normality after having been in the blinding glare of wedding-related attention for months and months, so maybe that’s what happened. Pam must have realised that simply repeating the experiment every five weeks was going to get very expensive very quickly. Even when you’re only wearing a bikini.

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