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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Dragged up proper

'Teenagers need lessons in how to speak properly because so many youngsters now sound like Vicky Pollard, a report found. Professor Tony McEnery's study warned that the Little Britain stereotype was becoming increasingly accurate as schools fail to teach verbal communication skills.'

Sorry, what? Schools need to teach teenagers to speak properly now?

So on top of teaching other people’s kids English, Maths and Science and a list of other actual school subjects, on top of their piles of paperwork and tedious parents evenings and after-school clubs, teachers are responsible for making sure kids eat the right foods, for ensuring that they take the right kind of exercise to prevent obesity, for educating them about sexual matters and preventing them getting pregnant, for teaching them ‘life’ skills such as managing money and cooking food…

For what, I wonder, are the parents responsible?

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