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Friday, December 01, 2006

It’s still boring

You know those occasions when the press pick up on a news item that is a total non-story and run with it until you’re at the stage where you’d grate your own head rather than hear more about it?

'The schoolgirl Misbah Rana has said that she will not leave Pakistan to go back to the UK as ordered by a court. In an interview with the BBC following a judge's decision at the high court in Lahore, the 12-year-old said she was "angry" and "scared".'


Scottish schoolgirl runs away from home, where she lives with her legal guardian and mother, to live with her father in Pakistan, where he’s a resident.
She would prefer to be in Pakistan.
Righto. She’s 12 years old, therefore a minor, and therefore the legal responsibility of her mother. (Who I believe I mentioned is her legal guardian).

Sane response: girl rightfully returned to Scotland to attend a fair court hearing with both parents, wherein some change in guardianship or shared custody is agreed if that is the will of the child. The End.

But no: for some unfathomable reason (and it sure as hell isn’t because the child is cute and TV-friendly, she looks like an anaemic potato) this story is played out in the media circus for nearly six months…

Someone – anyone – please make it stop.

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