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Friday, December 01, 2006

"Love me, DO!"

In her fourth public statement in ten days, Heather Mills says again that she can’t understand why people dislike her. She says that she has neither done nor said anything to engender disapproval, that her conduct throughout her separation from her husband has been exemplary and that she has sought no publicity.

That’ll be Heather “I’d rather you chopped off all my limbs” Mills, will it? The same woman who, purely in an effort to secure herself a multi-million pound divorce settlement, has accused her husband of alcoholism, domestic violence (against both herself and his late – i.e. unable to defend herself – wife who she’d never met), drug addiction, verbal and mental cruelty, and countless other offences designed to humiliate him and his family? Having never previously intimated that any of the above were true, either publicly or privately?

That’s the Heather that went on to claim in an internationally-screened television interview that she had been madly in love with the man, father of her child? (Causing many people to reach for the dictionary in order to look up the new definition of the word ‘love’)…?

The woman who is allegedly (and oh so believably) obsessed with Princess Diana, herself a well-known limelight shunner prior to having taken a 120 mph saunter down a tunnel? Who believes herself to be similarly “misunderstood”?

Whose cack-handed, cynical and unpleasant attempts to use her disability to garner public sympathy are painful to watch? (The latest: people are trying to kill her but she hasn’t got any money to pay for bodyguards… "I've felt severely upset and severely depressed through these six months, but when I lost my leg I didn't")…?

And finally, who – entirely through her own actions – has virtually guaranteed her young daughter her own couch in the child therapist’s office in years to come?

Yes, that Heather Mills.

Nope, you’re right love, I just can’t see it either.


Thumbs-aloft McCartney’s only public statement on the matter?

"Remember that it is a private affair and that way [acting with dignity] you will probably get through it better, you will put less noses out of joint and I think it's a more dignified way to go about it, so that's what I try to do."

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