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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Number crunchie

BBC, 5th December 2006:
'Some of the worst performing schools in London show "dramatic" improvements, the education watchdog says. Ofsted said 89% of the worst schools in the capital are seeing more pupils get five good GCSEs compared with 73% of the worst schools nationally. And 59% of London schools were rated good for overall effectiveness in 2005-06, against 49% nationally.'

BBC, 25th November 2006:
'The headlines in some newspapers were shocking: "More than half of secondary schools are failing pupils".
In its annual report, Ofsted judged that 13% of secondary schools were "inadequate". Additionally it said a further 38% were only "satisfactory", with the rest either "good" or "outstanding".'

Good to see that government bodies have – as promised last year – stopped trying to baffle us with meaningless, illogical or misleading educational statistics.

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