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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Porcine Pleasures

It’s all a bit odd, this one, and perhaps I’d be safer not to mention it, but: George Clooney’s pig has died. As most people know, the man owned a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig. What most people didn’t perhaps know, until now, is that the 45-year-old, strangely perennially-single Clooney often “shared his bed” with the creature.

That’s correct: George Clooney shared his bed with a 300lb pot-bellied pig called Max (not, despite Ms Snowdon’s increasingly desperate protestations to the contrary, called Lisa).
Moreover, in his own words, George said he had enjoyed the longest 'relationship' of his life with the pig, with whom he lived for 18 years.

‘Clooney, 45, added that he had no plans to replace the pet. "I think Max covered all my pig needs," he said.’

Yep, I think we’ll just leave that there, eh?

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