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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Who Knew?

'Fans have named David Tennant the best ever Doctor Who in a poll, beating Tom Baker into second place.'

Sigh. Of COURSE they have.
While I myself am something of a fan of the wee twinkly-eyed Scottish loveliness that is David Tennant, and while I consider Russell T's Doctor Who to be a televisual Bentley to past Who's Citroen 2CV, this strikes me as rather less an “incredible result for David, [showing] how quickly viewers have taken to him”, and rather more an illustration of the changing nature of the relationship between the celebrity and the no-longer-expected-to-think viewer.
We live in an entirely throwaway celebrity culture, in which people’s memory-span is akin to that of a goldfish. Guaranteed that they like Billie Piper best too. Oh, look:

'Readers also voted Billie Piper as their favourite Doctor Who assistant, in the role of Rose Tyler.'

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