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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Comedy child abuse

‘A junior school was forced to apologise yesterday after one of its teachers did the delicate job usually left to parents when she taught a lesson revealing that Santa was a myth and letters addressed to him were actually dealt with by the Royal Mail.’

Well done that teacher. Can you imagine how much fun that must have been? Almost makes it worth becoming a teacher. Almost.

And in a second heartwarming example of humorous child-baiting:

‘It sounds like the perfect way to get your child out of school for a bargain break. A holiday club’s “education programme” promises to help pupil study while their parents bask in the sunshine.’

Can you imagine how delicious that would be? You take your snotty, noisy and expensive offspring on holiday, only to spend a fortnight drinking tequila cocktails, taking dips in the pool, and for true entertainment, watching them struggle over algebra in the blazing sunshine. Again, almost makes it worth having children. Almost.

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