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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Dirty, dirty wrongness

This is Lembit Opik, trying really not very hard at all not to sound smug that he's rodgering a Bela Lugosi-faced Romanian scrubber instead of the plasticine-and-botox-faced weather bint he'd been doing for the four years previous:

"Not wishing to be cheeky, Mr Speaker, I thank the House for being so happy that I am so very, very lucky. And I should point out that the other sister is still single," he added.

Urgh, Christ...
Yes, it really does make the skin crawl, doesn't it? Only, here's the thing: this wasn't said in the PUB, i.e. the acceptable location for such "I'm getting it I am" pomposity, typical of such hideously ugly men as Opik. This was in the HOUSE OF COMMONS. The heart of our political fucking system.

I don't think it needs saying, but Lembit Opik (who apparently has no notion of how painfully ridiculous he actually is) belongs to the same political party as one Mark Oaten.

That is all.

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