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Friday, January 05, 2007

Get A Life

Duran Duran had a ‘virtual’ gig on it, Radio 1 pays money to be part of it, and there are people who actually make a real living by selling things they’ve ‘created’ for the game. The problem is, on the one occasion when I took a look at this Second Life guff, I found myself in a horribly badly executed ‘world’ that looked worse than a cheap ZX Spectrum game, and in which all people appeared to be doing was fulfilling their fantasies about having sex with children. (Truly).
Needless to say, I wasn’t exactly convinced that this was evidence of some strange and exciting, computer-generated brave new world.

And now this??

‘Stand-up comedian Jimmy Carr is to stage a gig before an invited audience in the virtual world of Second Life. His performance at a venue in London on 3 February will be simultaneously delivered within the online community. He will be turned into a 3D character - an "avatar" - with performers tracing his movements in real-life so they can be replicated on computer screens.'

I really – REALLY – don’t get it.

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