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Thursday, January 11, 2007

I’m with stupid

I know I’m in danger of becoming (even more) boring where this subject is concerned, but honestly: I truly do not understand how it is possible that less than HALF of the kids in school are capable of passing their GCSE English and Maths. I mean, it’s not like they're sodding difficult, is it? I had some proper rubbish teachers in my time, and I’m sure that there are still quite a number of them out there, but even so, it really does defy belief:

'The majority of teenagers are leaving secondary school without gaining an acceptable standard of education, according to new-style Government league tables to be published next week. It will show that 58 per cent of pupils left school with five A* to C grades last summer, but the proportion plummets to only 45 per cent when English and maths is added.'

Mind you, in a world in which Jade Goody’s crack-addled, monosyllabic child-abusing mother is feted as a ‘celebrity’, and in which her mind-bogglingly stupid offspring can become a multi-millionaire off the back of being ‘amusingly’ retarded, is it any wonder that kids believe education is unnecessary?

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