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Monday, January 22, 2007

Racism: the new ratings draw!

‘Channel 4 has become embroiled in a new race row after complaints about racist comments on reality show Shipwrecked. A contestant made offensive remarks about black people, as well as gay and fat people.
Media watchdog Ofcom said it received 46 complaints about the programme, in which young people compete on two desert islands in the South Pacific.
Public schoolgirl Lucy Buchanan, 18, from York, praised slavery and said she would get a black person to do her "slave work".
It follows 45,000 complaints over alleged racist bullying on C4's other reality show Celebrity Big Brother.’

Be sure to tune in for next season’s reality TV special, “KKK: The Survival Show”. Contestants who make it through a fortnight in a specially-constructed bunker in South Carolina without being lynched win their very own Sports Utility Vehicle! (A white one, of course).

45,000 complaints for ‘Poppadom, a staggering 46 for endorsing “slave work”?
How peculiar.
Here’s a clue: Jade “Beast of Bermondsey” Goody vs. Lucy “Public Schoolgirl” Buchanan. The message here is as clear as it’s ever been: working class fat girls are only allowed to be famous when we’re laughing at them…

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Anonymous said...

A recent, perhaps trivial, example of this kind of intellectual ethnic warfare is the popular movie Addams Family Values (released in November 1993), produced by Scott Rudin, directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, and written by Paul Rudnick. The bad guys in the movie are virtually anyone with blond hair (the exception being an overweight child), and the good guys include two Jewish children wearing yarmulkes. (Indeed, having blond hair is viewed as a pathology, so that when the dark-haired Addams baby temporarily becomes blond, there is a family crisis.) The featured Jewish child has dark hair, ears glasses, and is physically frail and nonathletic. He often makes precociously intelligent comments, and he is severely punished by the blond-haired counselors for reading a highly intellectual book. The evil gentile children are the opposite: blond, athletic, and unintellectual. Together with other assorted dark-haired children from a variety of ethnic backgrounds and white gentile children rejected by their peers (for being overweight, etc.), the Jewish boy and the Addams family children lead a very violent movement that succeeds in destroying the blond enemy. The movie is a parable illustrating the general thrust of Jewish intellectual and political activity relating to immigration and multiculturalism in Western societies. It is also consistent with the general thrust of Hollywood movies. SAID reviews data indicating Jewish domination of the entertainment industry in the United States. Powers, Rothman and Rothman (1996, 207) characterize television as promoting liberal, cosmopolitan values, and Lichter, Lichter and Rothman (1994, 251) find that television portrays cultural pluralism in positive terms and as easily achieved apart from the activities of a few ignorant or bigoted miscreants.