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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Roadside Rage

‘Roadside restaurant chain Little Chef is set to make an announcement about its future, BBC business editor Robert Peston says. It was reported on Tuesday that the firm, said to be losing up to £3m a year, was involved in takeover talks. The Financial Times says Israeli property firm Arazim and private equity company RCapital will buy Little Chef and close 40 of its 234 restaurants. More than 20 million people visit Little Chef outlets every year.'

The fact that Little Chef is losing £3m a year comes as no surprise to anyone, I wouldn’t have thought, but who the FUCK are the 20 million people eating in the place every year? WHO, I ask you? I have myself entered into a Little Chef once in my 30-odd years, and that was entirely against my will. I have never willingly repeated the experience (largely because one can only really survive daylight robbery and e-coli in one sitting on a single occasion…£5.50 for a filled jacket potato, anyone?). I realise that we are a nation of culinary philistines, but 20 million a year? That’s very, very depressing.


Anonymous said...

If you could drive Jo, you would have been in every Little Cheft in the UK by now, and you know it.

Jo said...

Granted, commenting upon roadside cafes when you can't drive is a bit rich (like I care) but I can assure you that I would rather eat in the Welcome Break at the Watford Gap (otherwise known as "the symbolic end of the world as we know it") than dine in a little chef.
In fact, I'd rather eat my own limbs in a carpark at the Watford Gap Welcome Break than go to Little Chef. Little Chef terrifies me.
I stayed in a hotel attached to one on the edge of a Gateshead dual carriageway. A HOTEL.
I rest my case.