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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Twice might be considered careless…

OK, so not a typical subject for a little light reading, but I thought it was worth noting that – for a woman who is largely unshockable – I was really quite surprised by what I read here:

'More than a hundred teenage girls a month go into a hospital or clinic to have an abortion for the second time, figures from the Department of Health reveal. They include at least one girl under 18 who has had at least six abortions.'

Six? AT LEAST six, you say? Count ‘em. I mean, accidents do happen and all that, but what is this girl, the world’s most fertile fuckwit? I know they say that abortions don’t affect a person’s gynaecological health, but all that undercarriage hoovering really can’t be good for a person who isn’t even old enough to drive.

Somebody somewhere really ought to tell this girl about the birds and the bees. And the pill. And condoms. And, for what it’s worth, abstention…

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