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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Wall-to-wall marketing genius

This story is entirely unremarkable – director of conflict diamond movie rejects half-baked attempt by industry to deflect criticism (yawn) – except for one rather splendid thing: apparently, the ‘Right Hand Ring for Africa’ campaign by the DIC is even more ill-thought-out than its painfully poorly-constructed name would suggest:

‘The director of Hollywood film Blood Diamond has attacked a campaign to get stars to display gems at awards events. The US diamond industry is donating $10,000 (£5,000) to African charities for each star raising a hand with a ring at events including the Oscars.
The Diamond Information Center (DIC) marketing organisation and diamond retailers are hoping to raise $100,000 (£50,000) with the Raise Your Right Hand Ring for Africa campaign. Conflict diamonds have been linked to armed struggles in Sierra Leone, Liberia, the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Central African Republic.
At a press conference, Mr Zwick pointed out "the cruel irony... that the raising of one's hand and the using of one's hand to vote was the prompt for the Revolutionary United Front to chop off hands in Sierra Leone".’

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