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Friday, February 02, 2007

Credit where it’s due

As anyone who has ever met me knows, I’m hardly the biggest fan of supermarkets (Wal-Mart is a particular conversational topic to avoid) but it’s nice to see in this week’s news that they’re actually dealing with some of their more obnoxious retailing practices: trans-fats are being phased out of own-brand foods, and some offending supermarkets have finally cottoned on to the fact that oranges, bananas and potatoes already come in their own packaging:

‘Fresh fruit and vegetables are being stripped of their plastic covers as part of a project that could transform the way goods are sold by one of Britain's biggest supermarket groups. In an experiment next week, Asda is to revisit the days of the 1950s greengrocer by removing all packaging from most fresh produce at two stores in north-west England. If buyers are not put off, the policy will be applied to the chain's 316 stores in the UK.The company has set itself an ambitious target of reducing all packaging by 25 per cent this year.’

Nobody really believes that the likes of Tesco etc have had some kind of Damascene conversion and actually care about the environment (or our arteries), obviously. The fact that these things are actually happening in response to public pressure just makes it all the more satisfying.

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