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Monday, February 19, 2007

Marry Baldy Biscuit

Fox’s, the biscuit company has – for reasons best known to itself – released a poll of the ‘ten most naturally attractive women in the world’.

Here it is:

TOP 10
1 Kate Middleton
2 Charlotte Church
3 Claudia Schiffer
4 Kate Moss
5 Catherine Zeta Jones
6 Keira Knightley
7 Gwyneth Paltrow
8 Scarlett Johansson
9 Beyonce
10 Victoria Beckham

Now, quite apart from the fact that I had to look up ‘Kate Middleton’ on Google to find out who she is (apparently she’s shagging one of Prince Charles’ terrifyingly-prematurely-ageing offspring), there’s something even more peculiar going on in this curiously nonsensical top ten.
Before you start scratching your head in wonderment that anyone (I mean, ANYONE) living outside of Henley, Ascot and the Borough of Kensington and Chelsea would even know what a Royal knock-off looked like, stop yourself and take a look at who has snuck in at Number 10 on the list…
How we laugh, and laugh, and laugh again.

Back to the supposed global number one beauty, though: one presumes that this Middleton bird is being lined up as being sufficiently non-skanky, polo-club attending and country-luvvin’ to wed a balding Royal.
Is the Fox’s Biscuits company owned by the Queen, or something?

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