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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Oh GOD, I appear to be talking about Doherty again

I don’t drive, so I don’t know if this is true or not, but isn’t a TWO MONTH ban for driving without both a license and insurance a bit…well, lenient? Particularly for a known drug addict, a man who was caught because he had been ‘driving erratically’ in central London, accompanied by two friends holding heroin and cocaine?

When you consider that the man is seemingly being caught with Class A drugs every 12 minutes, you have to suspect that someone, somewhere, is making a great deal of money from Mr Doherty not being in jail.

You’ve got to love the wilfully illogical affrontery of the Doherty man though: he admits to driving without having a driving license (isn’t this the man who owns three cars?!), but he blames his lack of insurance on a flunky, who was apparently supposed to be arranging insurance for him.

How would said assistant have gone about arranging insurance for a man who isn’t legally allowed to drive, I wonder?

‘Babyshambles singer Pete Doherty has been fined £300 and disqualified from driving for two months. The 27-year-old admitted two charges of driving without insurance or a licence at Thames Magistrates Court in London. District Judge Jane McIvor warned the singer that he faces jail if he drives without a licence again. ..
Mr Doherty's defence counsel said the singer was eligible for a licence, but had not applied for one after passing his driving test. Sean Curran added: "Mr Doherty accepts that he was driving with no licence and insurance.
"He had left the task of getting an insurance policy in the hands of one of his managers, who hadn't done so."’

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Nick said...

Yes it is linient... I was watching one of those police camera TV shows and this kid had been repeatedly caught by the police for driving without a licence. He was well known by the police but it seemed all they could do was issue him with a court summons knowing full well he wouldn't get much of a penatly. The failing of the courts time and again. What use is arresting someone only to have the courts say "well who's been a naughty boy then, learnt your lesson have you? Good have a 2 month ban and don't do it again".