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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Quote of the week

was in last night's Evening Standard, believe it or not. Harry Potter - sorry, Daniel 'naked on stage' Radcliffe - was mobbed outside the Gielgud theatre where he's playing in Equus, by a few young girlies. Or, at least, that's what the papers would like us to believe (God forbid they stood outside a theatre in the cold for two hours for a non-story).

Radcliffe was whisked swiftly away without incident, leaving only the theatre's management to rub its hands in anticipation of today's headlines.

The play's producer, David Pugh, managed to restrain his 'free publicity' glee rather admirably, however. Instead, he gave us this rather fabulously unforgettable mental image [complete with box office directions for potential theatregoers, obviously]:

"Richard Griffiths and Jenny Agutter had to get out of the theatre through a side window by the box office in Rupert Street. You try getting Richard Griffiths out of a back window. It was touch and go".

Splendid stuff.

P.S. Harry Potter. Hasn't he grown?
(Oh, come on, I'm not the first one to think it).

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