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Friday, March 16, 2007


Tis a sad, sad day, it really is.

If it wasn't enough that SPAM has gone over to our (apparently cheaper?) edam-eating friends already. If it weren't shameful enough that not only ketchup but now even Marmite comes in a squeezy, environmentally-unfriendly plastic container (with a new recipe to boot, FOR SHAME!!).

If these things weren't distressing enough for those of us who don't consider it undue effort to whack the bottle of a recyclable glass sauce bottle (perhaps they're worried that the exertion will cause cardiac arrest in our diabetes-addled, morbidly obese children?) it seems that it's HP, RIP.

Tell me, are there any jobs LEFT in Birmingham these days?

'The last bottle of HP sauce has been produced in Birmingham, marking the end of more than 100 years of sauce making at the site. Production is moving from the plant in the Aston area of the city to The Netherlands with the loss of 125 jobs.
The closure has been opposed by unions and civic leaders but US owners Heinz decided the factory was not viable.
Businesses near to the factory launched a Save Our Sauce campaign and protests were held in Birmingham and outside the American Embassy in London in a bid to get the company to change its plans. Birmingham City Council leaders met with Heinz managers to try to draw up fresh plans and MPs tried to get HP banned from tables inside the Houses of Parliament as it was no longer "a symbol of Britishness", but all to no avail.'

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