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Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Grim Reaper...

...has apparently come for Captain America. CAPTAIN AMERICA. How on earth can you kill a superhero? Madness, I tell you.

'Superhero Captain America has been killed off after appearing in US comic books for 66 years.
The character, who appears in the Captain America comic book, was created in 1941 to build up patriotic feeling during World War II.
Co-creator Joe Simon told the New York Daily News: "It's a hell of a time for him to go, We really need him now."'

Sadly, so he has come too for John Inman. According to his former colleague Mollie Sugden (who I have just discovered is, happily, still alive) he was 'the best patomime dame in the business'. Now that's the kind of praise you want when you roll of the mortal coil, and no mistake.

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