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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Someone get me some smelling salts...

...for I am fainting with shock:

'The final budget for the 2012 London Olympics will be £9.325bn - four times the original estimate of £2.4bn.
The Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell told the commons that central Government and the national lottery will both contribute more.
The exchequer's contribution has risen to £6bn and the lottery will provide an extra £675m on top of the £2.1bn already committed. The cost of building the venues has risen from £2.4bn to £5.3bn.
Ms Jowell said despite the increases the olympics would still be "great for Britain."
But the Shadow Olympics minister Hugh Robertson accused her of "raiding" the Lottery to make up the funding shortfall, penalising clubs and small organisations.
Delays in setting the budget have frustrated MPs and heightened concerns about the final bill.
At a stormy session of the Commons Public Accounts Committee last week, officials were accused of presiding over "Alice in Wonderland" finances.'

Don't fret just yet, though. Tessa tells us that, "Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, did not envisage the city's tax payers having to provide extra funds."

This, of course, is MOST FUCKING REASSURING....

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