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Friday, March 02, 2007

Still Dead

WHY????? WHY???? For the love of GOD, someone tell me why....

'The father of Princess Diana's lover won a significant legal battle on Friday when the High Court decided that the inquest into their deaths in a Paris car crash 10 years ago should be heard by a jury.
Mohamed al Fayed, who is convinced his son and Diana were murdered, had sought to overturn a ruling by former top woman judge Elizabeth Butler-Sloss to handle the official inquiries on her own.
Three senior judges ordered that the coroner hearing the inquest "shall do so sitting with a jury".
Speaking to reporters outside the court, Fayed said: "We want to be sure that the jury are an independent jury."
He said he hoped Diana's ex-husband Prince Charles and ex-father-in-law the Duke of Edinburgh would be called as witnesses.'

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Ron said...

How creepy is that shrine he has to them at Harrod's, by the way? I don't get the guy. I mean, sometimes, when parents lose their kids, they go mental with grief. Some of them take up championing certain causes, like that looney lady what camps out in front of Bush's ranch all the time and protests because her son died in Iraq. It's hard for people to just accept the tradgedy and move on. Oh well. I hope he finds peace some day. He was funny on Ali G though.