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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Whalers

This tale (below) is, of course, most unfortunate, but in fairness to the whale in question: if you were him, and you saw a boatload of Japanese men coming toward you carrying long metal rods, would your first thought be that they were there to rescue you?

'A sperm whale overturned a small boat off Japan, killing one of the fishermen trying to rescue it.
Noriyuki Yamamoto and two other fishermen joined a rescue attempt by local people to coax the whale out of Uwajima Bay and into the open sea. But the 10m-long mammal suddenly thrashed its tail and overturned the boat, killing Mr Yamamoto and throwing the two other fishermen overboard.
One local who watched the rescue said: "We had tried to scare the whale away from the shore by clanking metal rods around him. He obviously noticed the sounds but didn't move much."'

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