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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Clarkson Rocks

Can I be the only person who thinks Jezza should work for the Foreign Office? (Well, if Boris Johnson can work in politics....)

"Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson has come under attack in the Malaysian parliament for labelling one of the country's cars the worst in the world.
The BBC presenter has been filmed attacking the Perodua Kelisa with a sledgehammer before blowing it up.
Mr Clarkson has voiced his frustrations with the small three-cylinder model in both magazine articles and on the Top Gear motoring show.
In one article, he said its name was like a disease and suggested it was built in jungles by people who wear leaves for shoes.
And on the show, he described it as "unimaginative junk, with no soul, no flair and no passion".
He then smashed it, hung it from a crane with a one-tonne weight attached, before blowing it up.
Perodua is Malaysia's second national carmaker and began producing small compact models in 1995."

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