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Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Real Thing

And, moving swiftly on from the Chocolate Christ, we now have the Coca Cola-swigging Saviour. Oh, there'll be swinging crucifixes over this one, and no mistake....

What do you mean, it was COKE that got the hump?!?

"An Italian film which features Jesus drinking from a can of Coca-Cola will miss its Easter release date after the drinks giant complained.
Seven Kilometres from Jerusalem tells the story of an advertising executive suffering a mid-life crisis when he meets a man who appears to be Jesus.
In the course of the film, Jesus drinks a can of Coke, and the ad man exclaims: "God, what a great endorsement!"
Coca-Cola said permission to use its trademark had not been granted.
"We don't think it's appropriate to use the subject of this film to create publicity for our brands," it said in a statement."

(I wonder if Cadbury's or Nestle - or whichever chocolate was used in the manufacture of the Choco-Christ - similarly pre-emptively fear the wrath of religious folk with nothing better to do....?)

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