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Friday, May 18, 2007


Right. I realise I’m a helpless pedant in STILL managing to get my knickers in a twist over this, but frankly it’s getting ridiculous. We’ve had 9/11, and being as the Americans (or rather their media) needed a way of describing the event, and being as they legitimately use the month/date order system, their position is basically acceptable. (Our adopting it as well is far less forgiveable, but that’s not the point just now).

But honestly: 7/7? That was just a bit sad. When did it become OBLIGATORY to refer to terrorist bombs and other atrocities by some peculiar ‘trendy’ numeral shorthand? And for the love of God, why?

Does it work retroactively, I wonder? Must we now refer to Eniskillen nonsensically as 11/8? The Guildford Bombing as 10/5? Or Bishopsgate as 4/24?

Apparently not. Because apparently, though we’re following the US example, we’ve actually turned it around to a UK date order. Hence (and I kid you not) 21/7. This apparently is how we refer to a terrorist plot for a bomb attack that never happened.

So does that make 9/11, in actual fact, 11/9?

I need a lie down.

‘21/7 accused 'is absolute liar'

A defendant has been described as an "absolute liar" during heated exchanges in the 21 July bomb plot trial.
Yassin Omar, who set off a device on a Tube train at Warren Street on 21 July 2005, has claimed it was a hoax aimed at highlighting grievances about Iraq.’

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