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Monday, May 21, 2007

Good Lordi

Gosh – I REALLY must visit Finland, it is clearly a most extraordinary sort of a place:

'Former Eurovision Song Contest winners Lordi are making their first film, an English-language horror movie called Dark Floors.
"Lordi goes to the twilight zone is what you can say," said the singer, whose real name is Tomi Putaansuu.
The Finnish band are famous for wearing gruesome latex masks on stage.
Shooting began earlier this month, and the group expect to release the fright feature in Finland by the end of 2007.
But the movie venture is not the first extra-curricular activity for the hard rock band.
Following their Eurovision success last year they opened a Lordi-themed restaurant, Rocktaurant, in their hometown of Rovaniemi.
Items on the menu include the Lordi Burger and Rudolph's Last Journey - a reindeer sausage.'

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